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    The Metal Ring Company Limited

Drum Closures Ltd gained accreditation to BS 5750 in 1989. Since it's inception, we have been accreditted to BS EN ISO 9001 and we will be transitioning to the latest version in September 2018. Our current certificate is here.
All of our rings are inspected for required Tolerances on Dimension and Finish during manufacture. All steel used for the manufacture of ring bodies is traceable and material certification for all components used in the finished product can be made available if required.
During our rolling process we have the ability when required to hard stamp the outer surface of the ring body with relevent information, such as, batch number and date of manufacture.
All of our rings are de-burred during manufacture. This minimises the slitting burr which is always present after steel coil is slit into narrow widths (Which is our stock raw material). This greatly reduces the potential for our rings to cause injury to operators during handling.
The majority of our rings have the sharp corners removed. These corners are caused by the cropping of the ring to length after rolling. We replace this corner with a smooth radius. Again, this reduces the potential for rings to injure operators. Click on the thumbnail opposite to open a new window containing a larger sized image.

Ring Ends

All processes employed to produce rings are tested for first off and last off compliance. Regular sample checking is used throughout production. This ensures a consistency of product for our customers.